Works of Art by Nelson Tolentino

Artist’s Genre: Modern Impressionism

Nelson Tolentino is a self-taught artist who first found his love of painting at the tender age of ten. He was born in the Philippines in 1969, the eighth of nine children and passed away in December of 2022 on Maui. He and his older brother, Edwin, a portrait artist in the Philippines, fulfilled a family legacy.

Moving to Hawaii

Before moving to Hawaii in 1995, Nelson worked for an advertising company and a sportswear designer in the Philippines designing layouts and graphics. Once he settled on Maui, his artistic energy was redirected into fine art. He found time while working two jobs, to experiment with different media and to work on location. Nelson also read books on art to enhance his natural talent. Nelson especially admired the work of Camille Pisarro, William Palluth and Andrew Wyeth.

About His Paintings

Nelson’s mood permeates his oil paintings. He developed a gentle palette which catches the eye of art lovers. His impressionistic compositions of island scenes capture the hearts of numerous collectors worldwide.


“Kapalua Bay”

by Nelson Tolentino


“Kapalua Point”

by Nelson Tolentino

Lahaina Harbor .jpg_1677190844

“Lahaina Harbor ”

by Nelson Tolentino

“Lahaina Harbor Maui”

by Nelson Tolentino

“Morning Glow Framed”

by Nelson Tolentino

Orange and Limes painting artwork

“Orange & Limes”

by Nelson Tolentino

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