Works of Art by Waabooz

Artist’s Genre: Pop Art

Waabooz (Algonquin for rabbit) was born in 1966 in Virginia and is currently working in Colorado and Hawaii. His work has been exhibited and collected throughout Europe and the US.
He is a formally trained artist. He majored in fine arts at Western State College of Colorado and studied art history, photography, and film at CUNY in Manhattan.

A pop art portrait of a man

Professional Background

Waabooz spent 12 years of his professional painting career in Scandinavia. He painted for three years in the studio of the famous Norwegian figurative painter, Odd Nerdrum, before opening his own studio in Sweden. He currently works between Stockholm, Maui, and New York.
His work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in the collections of Steven Tyler, the Crown Princess of Sweden, the Governor’s Office of Jonkoping Sweden, Mathew Barzun, and Carlos Santana, among others.

About His Works

Painting images that are familiar to all of us is a way of unifying and focusing on what we have in common. Waabooz often paints iconic images of exceptional people so that, as we enjoy the art, we are reminded of what human beings are capable of achieving.
There is a subliminal call to greatness that is conveyed to the viewer through his work. Waabooz takes what is familiar and adds a unique and spontaneous twist to make each of his paintings cool, fresh, and original.
Owning an original Waabooz is sure to attract attention and generate conversation, whether they hang in your home or office.


A painting of the Statue of Liberty


by Waabooz

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